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2021 Formula One Car

It's Sam

Go Kart Newbie
So, it's here:

What do you think? I like it a lot more than I was expecting to. The idea with this design is that there is much less turbulence where another car would be were it to be following close behind, which should allow for tighter racing.
We will see in 2021 if it actually makes a difference....

I liked it less than i though i would in my case, the rear wing with the curved support and no end plates looks so weird and bad imo.... my biggest aesthetic issue lol

Also supposedly they were going to do something about the 3.5 meter wheelbase but looks like thats no longer the case, nothing about that now.. What they really need to do is lower the weight, and a shorter wheelbase is one way.....

Also they should have allowed active suspension, it was their chance to implement it in this rule change.... they already mess with the suspension, the car/underfloor being a giant wing and them changing its angle of attack (rake) based on speed but at least it would now be legalized and regulated, they are still going to work in the grey area... it wouldn't have helped with the weight though...

Im happy they seem to want to keep the 1.6L PU with the MGU-H as is, its cool tech, thats just now becoming relevant and enough money was spend developing it to toss it out so fast... I also like the big rims, its gonna force them to rely less on the sidewall and the suspension will be more lively, the cars will move around even more....


It's Sam

Go Kart Newbie
I'm with you about the wheels. Not only will it make things more interesting, it makes it look more like a poster car.

Also, I think they said something about potentially adding some kind of display to the wheels to show stats to spectators? That sounds cool.
I think the wheels may end up with fairings like the late 2000s

I guess they went even farther and suggesting adding LEDs to them, i dont remeber hearing about that, but it sounds like a good idea...