2021 Golf GTE on going issues


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Good morning
Has anyone had their Golf MK8 SOS/ ACC issues satisfactorily resolved or advice switching off systems to come to a useable compromise,
I have a Jan 21 registered GTE built in November 20 which seems to be more attached to the VW service department than spending time with me currently in for coming up to 3 weeks now on latest visit, they are currently replacing the SOS and Side Assist control units as advised by VW technical, prior to this software updates and very poor dealer back up, even tried several dealers hoping they perhaps had a wiz kid who knew what he was doing.
The car has been problematic since day one, and not what I was expecting from VW, nothing too major just constant warning after warning of system issues plus a few dash rattles. The Hybrid works well and the performance when you want it suits me. After much battling with the dealer and VW customer services, I now have the option for them to buy the car back and need to make a decision soon.