2022 Formula 1 Season


nah they def will employ team orders in F3 and F2 if you're on teams like HWA and Prema.

Its very very rare, and like mentioned before its usually because they are in very different strategies and one of the drivers is way worse, they usually arent the driver that ends up in F1.

Russell for example probably never in his life had to move aside for a teammate until he got to F1* and on that Williams a few years ago, that matured him and he is coping with it much better at Mercedes with Hamilton, we will see what happens if the car stars winning more often.

*again not bc different strategies, but bc of purely for no reason other than to help the other guy have more points.


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Ah man I was just starting to get tired of this "some drivers are bigger assholes than others" and "team orders are shit" discussion but then the almighty insta algorithm showed me a video

"Valtteri, it's James, please abort the fastest lap attempt"


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Not a huge fan of podcasts, but listening to the new F1: Beyond the Grid w/ Vettel.... man, I'm gonna miss this guy next year.



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I really wish I could get into podcasts. I cannot keep my mind on track when listening. Same reason I can't do audiobooks.


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I really wish I could get into podcasts. I cannot keep my mind on track when listening. Same reason I can't do audiobooks.
The only time I could do audiobooks was when I used to do a two hour (each way) commute, and even then I'd sometimes daydream and have to go back to the beginning of that chapter. Our modern brains are programmed to wander about.

That being said, I did enjoy getting through some of the longer classics (1984, Atlas Shrugged, etc), while driving and being a captive audience, that I never could have managed at home.

Also, the narrator can make or break an audiobook. I had to return Fahrenheit 451 early, because it was narrated by the author, Ray Bradbury, when he must have been on his deathbed. I couldn't take his voice. He sounded miserable and it made me sympathize with his plight.
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For me, it's because of the way I read. I have a voice in my head that has to do the reading, I can't just absorb the words (my wife reads this way and she is frighteningly fast at reading). So because of this, audiobooks and podcasts sorta "bypass" my inner voice and I just cannot pay attention, even when just driving -- my mind always wanders. I have to read it myself in order to absorb it.


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I normally don't have the patience to sit and pay attention to them, but I really wanted to see what he had to say and it was a slow morning at work.


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Although Seb in qualifying was super impressive. Watching AM leave him out to dry on those old tires was disappointing.

Max seemed like he did everything he could to help Perez get 2nd in the championship.. :fuggin eyeroll:

Horner after Brazil, “As a team our focus very much going into Abu Dhabi with Charles and Checo tied on points is to do our best that we can to support Checo to achieve second place, and Max has obviously made that commitment as well; Look, I think the thing is, it's very clear going into Abu Dhabi as a team, we're going to do the best that we can for Checo to finish second in the World Championship; And it's a straight fight between the two, they're tied on points, and whatever we can do as a team - and Max is obviously very much part of that team - we will do to help Checo achieve that goal."

After the race yesterday Max said, "That is quite a tricky call to make,” he said. “…of course you can possibly block. But I mean, is that fair racing? I think it’s not the nicest way going out of the season like that."



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Yeah, the only interesting part (to me) was if Perez was gonna chase down Leclerc at the end to make it somewhat interesting for the 1-2 finish for the race & overall points. But he had a snowball's chance in hell, while Max was on cruise control the whole race