a 2 parter on engine swaps for vw and the truth from a expert


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have a 99 Passat 1.8t .I am tired of getting beat by Hondas.This is a Nascar Sanctioned Track Bristol.M y roll cage is almost the same as the CUP series.very safe. What engine will go in my Passat along with mods and tunes and even a block bare and a build from the crank up.Please Help next Race pays $50,000.Now to the other part of this ???? tuning a ECU even putting in a differnt chipset.How much more HP can you really get with a Turbo and without a Turbo. I hear of people getting 75 to 100 HP and I just cant see getting that much with the best tuner in the world. I can see getting that much HP with tuning plus another add on part . How much HP can a professional get out of a ECU.Give me some numbers and if it looks crazy back it up by telling me the change and how that chang made that crazy HP.


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We need part 2 already.


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