A different voice.


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With the radio on, traffic information will speak over the radio station. If relevant I listen, if not I tap cancel. Yesterday with the radio off a different voice explained that there was congestion on a road five miles away. It didn’t explain where on the road the congestion was or in which direction. Useless information.

Can anyone explain what system is talking to me and how do I turn it off.


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Mine used to do that just as i turned into my turning it would suddenly pipe up attention there is queing traffic at Charlie Browns roundabout with a delay of 20 minutes.I was no where near that roundabout or heading in that direction.


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I navigate with Google Maps using Apple CarPlay, but with the voice turned off.
Sometimes I get a random voice telling me there is congestion ahead - I assumed it was the VW navigation system doing this. I happens so infrequently, that I can’t be bothered to work out how to turn it off.