Active Info Display - show your setup!


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Try 2 separate things:

1. Press "View" to cycle between options
2. Press the 'Up arrow" and "Down arrow" buttons to cycle between options
Hi thanks for the reply. That just changes the lap timer between: Start, Since Start, statistics and stop. However, the stop function did come up with 3 choices, 3-4 selector lever display, speed, lap timer or close. The first one brought back the gti one.


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I do yes. But only if the ACC is not in standby or ready mode, not sure what it's called. In other words, no speed set for ACC or speed limiter, even if greyed out.


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I had this issue, put the lap timer in the central screen and then couldn't remove it as view change up and down just changes timer options. I did sort it in the end but can't remember how. If anyone is stock, call out and I'll try again.