Any Carburetors and Small Block SMEs in here?


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Yeah so it's becoming increasingly hard to find knowledgeable folks on carburetors and small blocks....really on hot rods altogether, at least around where I am.

Current set up:
Running a standard small block 350 with 600cfm Edelbrock, mated to a TH200R in my '29 Ford (two bolt main) and want to add a tunnel ram with scoop, purely for looks. I know that the setup will consist of the tunnel ram itself, dual carbs, scoop and maybe a spacer....totalling about 19" in added height.

Am I correct to assume that if I move to a dual carb tunnel ram, I assume I'll need two 300s. I'm hearing on random forums (we all know how truthful things can be on the interwebz) that you shouldn't even do that on a standard 350 in an will bog out at low end and be a horrible driver. I literally drive her to shows or coffee runs in good weather with my long trips so I don't know what to really believe.

I cannot add a scoop as it stands currently as the scoop won't clear my radiator support rods.

Any gurus around here?