AR Giulia Ti Sport...Thoughts?


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Funny, running an errand this afternoon a pretty nice boat tail blew past me and zigged through traffic.

The gear shift location of those always cracks me up. Who else but Italians would have a shifter coming out of the dash? Reminds me of my dad's Pantera with the sideways radio.

Didn't ep3 SI's have the shifter mounted under the radio?


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I did think about one for a hot second. I saw one with a bodykit, lowered, and some larger wheels...its a really good looking car. There are a number of basic used ones for around 25k with some reasonably low miles. The base engine is 280 and 306tq...which don't seem too bad.
Exactly. Reliability seems to be there as well but as @3rdOne said, im not sure about their commitment to the US market now..


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I was trying to talk the wife into swapping the A3 for one of the AWD Giulia's and there is a dealership not 1 mile from my work so easy to get it to service, cause you's an Alfa. LOL I always wanted an Alfa, as the Top gear guys say you aren't a real car guy until you've had an Alfa.

We test drove one the end of last year and even at $7000 off MSRP (it was a 2018 but still brand new, they just couldn't sell it, had several including a Quadrifoglio like that) we passed. It did NOT drive exceptionally well, not bad but nothing special. Brakes were bad but that was likely because of sitting and not sure if they did maintenance while it sat (would have asked for records if we had considered buying it). But it just did not 'wow' either of us, I could put an exhaust and a Stg 1 tune on the A3 instead and be ahead on cost, other than the stupid screen in the A3 and no Alfa badge.


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I’ll consider it when I finish with the TT. ILL be early sixties in 5-6 years and may want to buy a higher seat. The R mk8 and the big boy Alfa are super interesting for next sled