Astra vs Golf Mk8


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I’ve not watched the video you’ve posted yet, but i have watched a initial Auto Trader review video by Rory Reid on YouTube.

I really like it - it’s quite a sharp looking, handsome car (if a car can be called handsome) - better visually than the Golf IMHO. There are similarities with the Golf in some areas of the external design, especially at the rear (rear lights in particular, and using the badge as the tailgate handle), but there are some interior features where I think are the Astra is better than the Golf and maybe VW should take note;
  • Mercedes style instrumentation and infotainment displays makes the dash look very premium IMHO
  • Buttons for the main, often used functions - e.g. heating, ventilation and air con, and even a volume knob for audio!
  • Sliding cover over the cup holders in the centre console (the mk5, 6 and 7 Golf had this but it was dropped by VW in the mk8 Golf - presumably to save money)
  • The seats look particularly nice - in the Auto Trader review video, the reviewer (Rory Reid) made the point that the seats have been certified by a German back health organisation, so they should be comfortable and supportive too.
I look forward to watching reviews on how it drives and handles. With Vauxhall now being part of the Stellantis group and the Astra sharing the same underpinnings as the new Peugeot 308, I dare say it’ll drive pretty well too - historically, Peugeot have built some very good handling cars - especially the sportier models.

Here‘s the Auto Trader review;
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I think it's a very handsome car - has a squared off chiseled MK8 look and with its new parents combined pedigrees, should be a very interesting drive. My local GM dealer shares a boundary with where I bought the Mk8 - :unsure: maybe a touch of providence!