Automatic tilt/dip of wing mirror?


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Hi all, probably a case of user error here :unsure: for our RHD UK MK8 Style.

It is our understanding that wing mirrors should tilt to provide a lower view when the Reverse gear is selected.
The option is enabled in the Vehicle-->Exterior-->Mirror menu.

However, what we see is this:
  1. Select reverse, nothing happens to wing mirrors (note: knob selector is in the middle, pointing to '0')

  2. Still in Reverse, turn the knob to 'L' and the passenger side mirror tilts (does it tilt to a pre-defined position? Can you set it?).

  3. Select Drive and the mirror does not tilt back to the original driving position.

  4. Turn the knob back to '0' and the mirror reverts to the original driving position.

Does one have to move the knob to 'L' each time Reverse is selected?
Are you supposed to leave it in 'L'?
Is it possible to have both mirrors tilt automatically at the same time? There seems to be an menu option for it - but cannot force it to occur...

Any help appreciated.


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i don’t have a mk8 Golf but my car (a 2020 Polo GTI+) does have the dipping door mirror function.

In my car, it‘s necessary to set it up first so when reverse is selected it dips at the correct angle specifically for you. The reason it’s necessary to set it is that the dipping position for one driver won’t necessarily be correct position for all drivers.

For it to work once you‘ve set it up the door mirror control knob needs to be left in the ‘L’ (nearside / kerbside) position for RHD cars. Not sure why you’d want both mirrors to dip - the intention of this function is to dip the nearside door mirror so you can see the kerb while parallel parking, so IMHO to have the offside mirror dipping wouldn’t really serve any useful purpose.

If you’ve reversed and the kerbside mirror has dipped, it should automatically revert back to the normal (pre-dipped) position either when you a) turn off the engine after reversing while the mirror is still in the dipped position or b) you drive forward and reach a certain speed - not sure of the speed; think it’s something like 5 or 10 mph.


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Many thanks @SRGTD and especially @Massimo 2323 - I was trying to find it in the PDF manual and must have missed it! Plus the PDF version I have is not searchable or indexed which makes going through the hundreds of pages a tedious task.

Will give it a go. Appreciate the help!


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