Back window trim fell off my etsi estate!


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Hello - first post here. The trim on one side of the back of my mark 8 estate has fallen off - it was obviously not pushed in well enough in the factory. My local dealer ordered in two new trims saying they were going to bond them in - fair enough. However now they are insistent on removing the back window and re fitting a millimetre different as part of the repair. Im seriously not happy about removing the bonded rear window from a new car over a little bit of trim. Before I just go back to the dealer to retrieve the piece of trim if not already in their bin and get some double sided tape and plonk it back on myself has anyone else had this experience? It’s bonkers to remove a perfectly good window and the risk of any leaks!


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I don’t think I would want the window removed either, but I’m not sure how the trims attach to the glass. Is there another dealership you can try for a second opinion?
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