Best Chicken Sandwich?

Best Chicken Sandwich?

  • Popeyes

    Votes: 22 46.8%
  • McDonald

    Votes: 1 2.1%
  • KFC

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Burger King

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Chick Fil A

    Votes: 17 36.2%
  • Wendys

    Votes: 3 6.4%
  • Other, specify in comments

    Votes: 4 8.5%

  • Total voters


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You poor misguided soul

Haters gonna hate. 2 grilled chicken clubs please.



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I used to eat Wendy's spicy chicken all the damn time. It's not the same anymore, they changed it during the rona.
They changed their bbq sauce sometime last year too and the new sauce sucks.


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Never been to Popeyes I don’t think. I’d have to say CfA out of those choices but will need to try Popeyes to confirm. Never had a BK chicken sandwich but I don’t prefer their burgers so I only go if someone I’m with does. Wendy’s I go burger as they are probably my favorite out of the big 3. McChicken for when I’m feeling poor and when you add cheese it takes it from a solid 2/10 to 4/10.

Doesn’t McD have a new sandwich now? it’s suppose to be a CfA and Popeyes competitor.


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Hot Chick in downtown RVA

Dog Dad Wagon

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Chik fil a is neck and neck with Popeyes but they’re absolutely downright evil so I will give it to popeye’s.


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Not a sandwich but Zaxbys salad is awesome. They add French fried onions.

Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich is awesome, but I do like Chick-fil-A too.


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Zaxbys for me. Bk sucks, KFC really sucks, I work next to a Wendys so I eat there nearly every day, Mcdonalds sucks, Popeyes is too far, Chickfila lines are just dumb wtf is wrong with people.

Love the kickin chicken sandwich at Zaxbys though. I'd also put Pollo Tropical and PDQ ahead of every other place on the list. Pollo Tropicals grilled chicken is so good. Those last 2 places are mostly just in FL though, but Zaxbys is a little more national.

Zaxbys is bomb too bad there’s not a lot of them.


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Popeye's on the list, PDQ and Zaxby's off-list. Zaxby's supposedly has a new chicken sandwich to compete in the "Chicken sandwich wars..."


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Have heard great things about Shake Shack chicken sandwich.

Has anyone tried one?