Britain’s best cars to own - SHOCK.


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In July’s edition of Auto Express there is a survey entitled ‘Britain’s best cars to own. Top 75 models’.

So where was the VW Golf Mk8 placed?

75th 😳😳😳
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VW obviously forgot to send them a cheque!😉
Seriously though, it’s the driver power survey, I wouldn’t read too much into it, the BMW 1 series (f40) isn’t far above, and it’s a really well built practical car, the fiesta is 67, and we all know that’s great little car.
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In effect this survey says that the VW Golf Mk8 is the worst car you can buy. Somehow I thought this thread, on this forum, would have had more responses 🤔.

On the plus side, many of those who read this survey and have a Mk8 on order will cancel thereby shortening the waiting time for those who are brave enough to still want one 🙄😂.


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In fairness, in a subjective survey (this isn't about whether or not the car is actually good, it's about whether or not people were happy with it), a Golf would always come on the bottom due to the software issues alone. Especially since they're persistent.

Our current car ranks on #10, and from experience, it's not better than a 1series. It's just not. We probably had fewer problems (no idea if the 1 was also plagued with software trouble due to the, back then, new OS7) than the 1series, but ours is a rattle box now, car's just 3 years old. Rattles from the engine/gearbox (though that apparently is normal, we're told), rattles from the rear seats, rattles from the dashboard.

That said: nothing ever really went wrong, other than android auto crashing when it feels like it.

To put into perspective, many people here are angry at VW due to the software issues. We don't have one yet, we only had an extended test drive with a GTE (around 100 miles), we did not experience the software problems (of course, since it's a demonstrator that, as a funny sidenote, had a repair done the week before we got it - no idea what was done, but prolly a new steering wheel lol) - and we absolutely fell in love with the car. While not quite as "premium" feeling as a 1series or GLA/CLA (which is just a glorified a-class, but only drove a GLA and CLA), it's worlds above our current Ateca X-Lux.

We certainly won't cancel, despite being annoyed with the waiting times. We just hope that we get lucky and the software issues are (mostly) resolved with 1896 and higher.


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Just read post (I know :oops:) the Mk8 Golf is poss not for everyone and in some ways Mks 7 & 7.5 were / are easier to live with (electronics, tech systems), but I find it very strange the car is rated 75th out of 75. Whatever, it's still a good car to drive, very odd result IMO....