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Does anyone know if the metal/plastic bumper sill protectors that you can get for the mk7 Golf will also fit the mk8?

We have two dogs, so getting them into the boot if there's no protection on the sill just ends up with it covered in scratches.

None of the normal sellers I've found online have a protector specifically for the mk8. They all say something like "mk7/mk8 2012 onwards".

I want to make sure I get one that fits correctly.

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Has anyone installed the black piano bumper sill protector?
Screenshot 2020-11-16 at 22.40.25.png

Also has anyone installed spoiler and metal brushed pedals?
From what I have gathered the pedals are the same as the golf 7 rhd: 5G2064205
The maxton spoiler cap v.1 looks nice in the gloss black:
Screenshot 2020-11-16 at 22.29.45.png
Looking at changing the mirror cap from white to black but at the moment only available in carbon fibre for golf 8 (with side assist):

Golf 8 Black Style Edition:cool::)