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How's your German? VW Golf 8 GTI Clubsport (2020): Test - Fahrbericht - Motor - Info - YouTube (If you don't speak German, you may wish simply to fast forward to 7:28 and watch as the moderator points out the appearance enhancements of the Mk8 Clubsport. )

Alas, it's doubtful that Volkswagen of America (VoA) will import the Clubsport model in the U.S. -- damn shame, actually -- because (in my humble opinion, of course) the subtle changes to the lower front fascia make a meaningful improvement in the Mk8 GTI's appearance. And then, of course, there are the chassis and performance enhancements unique to the Clubsport model. I also really like the 18" alloys unique to the Clubsport.

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American car magazines seem not to mind that the U.S. and Canada are only getting the GTI and the R. The even suggest that the base model is boring. I own a base model - a Mark 6. Leaving out the base model for the eighth generation is totally unacceptable! Please follow my blog 'Bring the Base Eighth-Generation VW Golf To North America!



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How do you feel about subtitles? This video's been around for a while. Nine minutes of a Carbon Grey Clubsport: