Constant brake warnings using Travel Assist / Adaptive Cruise in traffic

Do you get 'Brake' warnings in stop start traffic?

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Hi, I've had a Golf 8 style DSG eTSI now for a couple of weeks.

I've found generally Travel assist and Adaptive cruise control to be very effective.

I particularly like the stop / go function when in heavy traffic. However, I've noticed that sometimes when coming up to a stopped car in front the car slows down perfect and comes to an almost stop, rolls about 30cm very slowly 1mph perhaps, then I get a 'Brake'' warning and loud beep. If I don't brake, the car applies the brakes again normally and stops the car. The warning stops. OK - so why the warning and the fuss?

So then I'm stopped, the car in front moves off again and then the 'Brake' request and beep comes back again for a moment before the car starts moving on its own as you would expect.

I'm not sure why this 'Brake request' keeps occurring, I can't see any way to turn it off. The car seems to be able to stop and start the car without my intervention in traffic just fine so why does it keep warning me? Is this a software bug or something wrong? Does anyone else have this in stop / start traffic?


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I think I may have found a cure for this but its early days. I'll give it a week or two to see if the problem has really gone away and post back.