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Hi all. In amongst the many software errors, has anyone else had the issue about not being able to switch off the Convenience Seating Function? All I get is a message saying ‘Sorry, the function is currently unavailable’. Whilst I like the small seat movement you get when getting in and out of the car, I’m suffering from persistent low battery warning messages, so thought I’d try and conserve power where possible and switch the motors off. The dealer has been in touch with VW who have suggested many things, none of which have worked. Just wondering if it’s me or if it’s an issue across the range?


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Just read your post in the ‘Mk8 Alarm Issues?’ discussion thread. If your persistent ‘low battery’ warning messages are an accurate warning of a low battery voltage and not triggered by a software gremlin, then a low battery can set off the car alarm if the alarm system isn’t getting sufficient voltage for it to continue operating.

Might be worth getting your car’s battery tested in case it’s defective and the cause of your random alarm activation. Alternatively, do you have a dash cam fitted? Sometimes when they’re hardwired they can drain the car’s battery.
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The dealership tested the battery when they last had the car and it was fine. It seems to me that there is a persistent drain on the battery as it is most noticeably detected if the car has not been used for a number of days. I supplied them with daily voltage readings to aid investigation which fluctuated depending upon journeys made. No dash cam fitted so that can be ruled out and strange that an 2 alarm activations have occurred within 20 minutes of completing long journeys. I also notice that when the car is in our garage, sometimes just getting close to it instigates a whirring noise from some sort of electronics starting up. I’ve got keyless access turned off, so that’s not the cause. Just another side effect of the software issues I’m guessing?


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Update today from the dealers is that they have applied a software update from VW to fix the issue and it hasn’t! Diagnostic data being sent back to VW technical for them to investigate further. Am I surprised? Not in the slightest!


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The dealership have now been asked by VW to check how if works on other Golfs. Unfortunately, they don’t have a MK8 Golf with leather upholstery and neither do any of their sister dealerships. So, if anyone does have such a car, if you have 2 minutes to spare to see if it works for you, it’d be much appreciated. From the Main Menu, select ‘Vehicle’ followed by ‘Interior’ (at the top) and then ‘Seats’ (bottom right hand corner). You should then get the screen from the attached photo. The error message shown is displayed when you try and turn the function off by pressing the toggle switch to the right of the ‘Driver’s seat’ description. Many thanks for any help that can be provided.


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