Current incentives make the MS6 look really good


The Drunken Irishman
I've been hurtin' for a GTI ever since I first saw one at the dealership last year but the current incentives on the Mazdaspeed 6 are really tempting. You can get an '06 Sport for $23,840 including destination until the middle of February. I'll still end up with the GTI most likely since I really can't get a new car until after taxes are done with this April, I'd take the MS6 in a heartbeat though.


insufficient funds
Dude, I stole mine for for even less. They must have had stupid incentives in November.. Another dealer in Georgia was selling them for $8500 off. People were flying in from all over the country and driving back from Georgia. I gotta say, it's a lot of car for what I paid. I miss the heated mirrors and great seats of my GTI though.