Daily Driving stick sucks rant.


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Honestly I cannot wait to trade in my 6 speed for a DSG. I absolutely love the connection driving stick brings with your car and I do have a lot of fun when I'm whipping it around but doing it everyday sucks. I'm 19 and I don't know what it is; genetics, or maybe the fact I was working 70 hours a week, clutch throw is way too long, seating position is off. These could all be factors but it's killing my left knee much respect to the members on here that do it everyday but I've come to terms that I'm saying bye to my baby soon.

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what a bitch lol.

-los angeles commuter w/ lightweight single mass flywheel + stage 3 clutch


I hear people say this and I quite frankly just don't understand it. I drive in stop and go in chicago back and forth to the burbs twice a day and I still don't mind stick. To each their own though I guess.

^Can confirm the traffic he drives, as we live close and work in the same city. DSG owner here. Jay is a trooper and lives for the man pedal. Hats off to you sir. :thumbsup:


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I still kind of tease the idea of having a DSG once in a while. It'd be damn nice not to have to do that extra work some days, but I still enjoy shifting too much. I've driven nothing but stick for 8 years now, and even delivered pizzas with a stick for a few years.

When my car was more stock I found the clutch to be a bit aggravating some days. After an aftermarket clutch with a smfw, stainless clutch line, diesel geek sigma 6 shifter, and a raceseng shift's amazing. Good thing too because I want to keep this car for at least another 3-5 years lol

You shouldn't have to spend that much to enjoy your own car though. Can't blame you for wanting to get out of it with those work hours either.


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I didn't have issues driving a manual until I hit 40. Now that I've lost weight and started exercising, I probably could go back to a manual.


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I'm really looking for suggestions not to be bashed lol. Driving stick has nothing to do with masculinity though [emoji23] but if calling me a bitch helps you get through the day that's fine. I just wanted to have the experience of being able to connect man and machine, I might try strengthening my legs since I already cut down the hours but "to each his own" right.

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Not driving stick chops 6" off your dick. I mean if you're packing a foot long then sure go ahead this way at least you'll be able to put it in our girls butt. If you're not everyone will just laugh at you.


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I'm really looking for suggestions not to be bashed lol. Driving stick has nothing to do with masculinity though [emoji23]

Thought it was pretty clear that we were just messing around lol. What suggestions were you looking for? I read, and reread your post. I didn't really see a plea for suggestions, it seemed like just an I'm done with stick shift post.

Clearly there are mods that make driving stick easier. Clutch stops, Clutch Disks, different flywheels, short shift kits, clutch lines; these are all things that can change the driving characteristics of the clutch system. If it's literally the weight of the pedal that is tiring out your leg/knee joint then that's another problem. We literally have one of the lightest clutches out of any car I have ever driven. Clearly if you aren't happy with your car then make a change. Not rocket science.


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Do the bump stop until you trade it in. That being said, I love my DSG coming from a 6SP MK6 GTI. It's an amazing transmission and much appreciated coming from the manual.