DF Goblin Kit Car

GTI Jake

Autocross Champion
I started following the owner of one of these on IG and lately started talking about project cars with the guys at work.

1,600lbs & 260hp (depending on the donor) based on any model/trim of the Cobalt

I haven’t mentioned it to the wife (lol), but I’m really torn between buying a salvage Mk7 and a tubing bender or “building” one of these kits which doesn’t sound as cool since it’s not MQB.

We definitely have the weather to enjoy an open wheel kart here and our six year old would be all in on building a “race car” from scratch. Plus it’s a third the cost of a ZL1 1LE or me building a 1970 Cuda resto-mod like I’ve been dreaming of doing so that should count for something with the wife.

If nothing else it would make for some cool YouTube content and a really fun end result.


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Looks like a spinoff of the aerial atom. I have a brother in law with a base model cobalt just sitting around. Maybe I can convince Him to give this a go? Lol.


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What about a C5 Kart?