E55 AMG w/ lawn mower walks 350Z


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From a forum I frequent. Not sure if it'll embed but it's worth the time :smile:

backstory: He (350z owner) said he walked a new c63 and said he could take me. I didn't hear a lot of it since I don't go to meets, but I was told by a few people so I had them set it up. The idiot gets out of his car wearing gloves, sandals and socks lol He comes up to me and says whats up with the mower. I told him "I wanted it to be a good race so its not a waste of gas." Needless to say he was a little insulted, but he still raced me

E55 AMG pulling trailer vs modified 350Z:


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Hahaha I lol'd. Awesome





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First off, awesome! Second, please tell me you got to talk to him again, I'm assuming there was plenty of excuses lol. Nice John Deer by the way lol.
Nice vid and nice John Deere indeed. Among all the other lawn mowers I would pick either JD or Husqvarna like this because those are fast enough if you need to cut something like 10 acres of land;)


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Thanks for bringing this back from 2014...never saw it, but totally awesome. Pulled away from that Z car like he was standing still.