Early Retirement Investing: Ditch my 2018 Golf R?


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Interesting discussion though. Don't mind me.


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Jumping from the GTI to the R, especially if it means picking up a car payment, isn't worth the devastating opportunity cost at this particular time in your life. Stick with your plan, it isn't rocket science and 45 absolutely reasonable. I'm not ashamed to say that my wife and I, years ago, hit financial peace pretty hard core. Cleared our student and all CC debt and shared a POS Plymouth breeze for nearly 2 years. That was our "Dave Car". We didn't eat rice and beans but we trimmed back any, and everything, we could. This was exceedingly hard for me as a mildly successful software engineer because my pride and ego bombarded me with the FOMO come pre-IPO FAANG time. I wanted an exotic and sexy retirement play, none of this boring nonsense that DIDN'T involve leveraging other peoples money, screw actual old-school saving etc. We are currently at the tail end of a 15 year note on our current home whose value has nearly doubled since we bought it (zero issue vacation home that wen't into foreclosure, wife and I pounced and the bank accepted) no revolving debt and while I'm about a decade away from comfortable retirement, if I was asking the question you asked at your age, absolutely I would be retiring in 2 years (45).
Lol, a woman stopped me at a gas station once to ask if I could jump start her car. When I pulled around the building she apologized for it being a huge POS that her and her husband bought. She was dressed professionally so I figured maybe "dave car."