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Hi, this is my first post so please excuse any school boy errors. So I bought my Golf 8 R line in June last year from my local VW dealership, it was 5 weeks old with 1100 miles on the clock. In October I bought a caravan and arranged for the dealer to fit a towbar however I had to cancel my order because they couldn’t give any indication of when they could get the parts to fit. I managed to get a specialist company to fit a Brinks towbar with dedicated electrics in November 21 and since then the car has towed my new caravan successfully. I took my car to the VW dealer yesterday for its first service and additionally asked them to look at an intermittent fault with the eCall system that first appeared two weeks earlier. Basically on startup the overhead light shows red not green and the dashboard display advised the emergency call system isn’t connected and the car needs to be taken to the workshop. This has happened three times and disappears as mysteriously as it arrives. So the dealership has told me they suspect the towbar wiring is the likely problem and want £138 for starters to remove the rear bumper and check it as the antenna wiring runs near the towbar ?
They do say that if that’s not the problem they will raise it as a warranty claim with VW and refund me my £138. Any useful advice welcome please.
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