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ECS is full of it.


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You can add me to the satisfied ECS customer list. Never had a problem with anything I've ordered from them. When I've called them for information on something I want to order, they are extremely helpful and answer all my questions till I'm satisfied.


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Ive never had a SINGLE bad time with ECS and ive been ordering shit thru them since 2007 when i got my Mk5. You guys always bitchin about how bad their customer serv is anytime ive EVER had a question or issue call or email them and i get a legit reply shortly after.

I just went thru all this on my tiguan. Ordered a forge bov for it , it didnt act right hit em up they exchanged it WITH over night shipping , bought the spring kit to try and fine tune the bov tension. That one acted up on every spring (kept getting stuck open) they offered another exchange or return for FULL store credit. I opted for the credit and put my oem dv in. Currently waiting on the oem piston dv to show up.

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says the 1 post noob who ecs sent in to defend them. :laugh:

I've never real had a problem with them but i did have to call twice to get an item exchanged under its "lifetime warranty" first guy seemed to be beating around the bush. second guy took care of it within minutes and sent the replacement part as soon as i hung up. that was amazing!
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The guys at ECS are awesome people. Very helpful, very knowledgeable, and very accommodating.

+1 on them.