Engine Temp Gauge question


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So recently fell victim to the coolant line recall. Long story short since its been back the engine coolant temp gauge is stuck at 194 degrees. Does anyone know of the issue or how to go about fixing it. I tried disconnecting the battery and seeing if that helped and did not. Any information is greatly appreciated.


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All the time? It will not show any lower values at all?

VW have this feature in temp gauge about 30 years, that it shows 90'C degrees if engine temp is between 70-110'C degrees.


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it shoots up within 3-5 minutes of the car starting even if it hasnt moved in a day or too and stops at 194 and doesnt move up or down...luckily my p3 gauge reads the temp and it doesnt match at all


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As @tos said, it’s really buffered and won’t show the variability that your P3 gauge or an AP Tuner will show. That’s normal.
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Oil temp is not buffered (y)

Maybe there are air in the coolant lines, if it were repaired?
So, it will heat up faster than normally.

Traditional way is let the engine heats up until radiator fans turns on.
AC off. Car stationary. Then air should go away from the lines.

After that you should check coolant level.