Evo 11 coming?


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I am pretty sure that it would be a great vehicle. But i am more worried about the sales and service in our shores.


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I bought a brand new 2015 Evo X. Owned it for 24,000km and traded for my GTI. The gas mileage was so bad for the amount of driving I was going to do for work. It was the most fun I ever had driving. Loved that car so much.

If this thing happens and comes to Canada I will be first in line with dolla dolla billz in hand. Sign. Me. Up.

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I can dig it.

350hp and under 40k they’ll sell a ton of them. I kinda doubt that’ll be what we get though


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Sure, bring it. Looks a lot like Kim Kardashian though. A bit chunky, expensive and high maintenance.


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I loved the eleven years I spent in my IX. However, unless they completely redo the interior, I'm not sure I could go back after my GTI. ;)

Somebody should photoshop the wheels downward on those two conceptual mock-ups...the Evo has always been the king of wheel-gap.

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If the new model could bring the prices down for the x, that'd be a good thing. They're still holding stupid high resale.

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I came from a string of STI's which I bought after test driving every model of EVO they brought to the states.

You'll have to pry my dead body out of my GTI. It's the best daily I've ever owned, and I've owned a lot of cars.

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As an old school Mitsu lost me at Renault.