Fake Engine Sound - How on Mk8?


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I had a 7.5 GTI and the fake engine sound was produced by a device (soundaktor?) that vibrated behind the dash, in the engine bay. This caused all sorts of rattles in the trim and I have heard this on even the Polo GTI as well which uses the same technique.

Does the mk8 still use this method, or are they now using the speakers like all the other manufacturers?



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Not sure! On my Mk7 GTI Performance I got my dealer to turn the Soundaktor off via their lap top less than a week after I bought it. Making a car as quiet as they can and then installing a device to make it noisy again is total and utter madness. On my (superior) Mk8 GTE it only makes an artificial noise in Sport mode. A mode I only use occasionally when I driving like a nutter. Whether it comes from a Soundaktor or through the speakers I have no idea. Sorry, that didn’t answer your question.