FB page is gone?

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Im seeing that. Shame. Your build is one of the main reasons i come here. Wish mine was half what yours is.


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What?! I come on here for 5 builds plus mine. Love seeing what people are doing.

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There is a FB page.....I didn't care or know. Forums FTW. Activity going down here though. We can bitch about it or create more activity. That is all.


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Forums are dead. Kids these days just want instant gratification for butchering their car with cut spring or Chinese coilovers and post on Instagram

/Old man rant


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Ive never known that there was a fb group or page for this forum.

Much prefer forums personally or FB groups that are run like a forum like the k04 specific group

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I started researching to know about a FB page. And have seen few video tutorials how to create a new one and engage traffics onto it.


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I urge you not to create one. I have been on two other car forums that were killed by Facebook pages stealing all the traffic. Let facebook be facebook and forums be forums. Forums make WAY more sense with the organization they allow than facebook does for car me.


The thing is, though, that trustworthy people never actually ask you to trust them, because they don't have to. I'm not saying you're not right, and I totally agree that this site doesn't need a facebook page to thrive, I'm just saying, never trust a man that says, "trust me."


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Well I'm not our president, if that helps my credibility LOL. Just saying from previous experience, Facebook likes to zap forums into extinction.