Fixed v Variable Services


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Hi. I'm running a Style Hybrid on a 3 year lease, 12k miles per year.

Set to variable service interval I might get away with one service at 19k over the 3 years, but with fixed intervals the car would be in the garage 3 times.

I'm guessing variable would save money, is that right? As it's going back after 3 years I'm not fussed about what's best for the engine over the lifetime of the car.



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I think that VW’s flexible / variable service regime was originally introduced to help businesses with fleets of vehicles covering higher than average mileages manage their vehicle servicing costs. As I own my car and these days my annual mileage is below 5k miles, my car is on the fixed (time and distance) service regime. However, if I leased my car, I’d go with the flexible (variable longlife) service regime, unless there was anything in the small print of the lease agreement that required the car to be serviced annually / every10k miles.

VW’s recommendations on which service regime to go for (depending on how the vehicle is used / the annual mileage driven) are at the link below;