Forza 4 Livery Designs

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Looks great. I'd buy it!

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Very nice man! I cant do that anymore man. It takes too long lol. I did it to the Crank and Piston mk5 gti and never again lol.

All i do now is hook up the cars and take pics.



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Just realized this was bumped. Some progress:

I haven't done any serious work to other cars in the game. Just simple textures, etc. to make the car a little different.


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so i saw the video but it doesnt tell you how to do it
you'll need to buy the racing suspension and go to tuning, then test.
Go to to gear track and to the right of hammer head (I think) there are 3 red concrete blocks.
Go there and enter the pause screen and go to tune.
There on suspension, lower the height and set your spring rates to the lowest., apply changes.
Now go over the red concrete blocks slowly, and once there brake and accelerate a bit, you'll notice that while the car is moving, the suspension will bottom out.
Pause and go to take the picture.:thumbsup:


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That looks really nice! I haven't fired up my Xbox in a very very long time because of PC gaming. If I dive back into Forza 4 then I'll prob re-create APRs new R8 livery.