Found my GTI replacement, introducing my 997.2 C2


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The metal ones would feel great.

The stock plastic ones feel cheap when opening the door.


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Yeah, I strongly dislike the standard handles, and bringing attention to them seems worse. I like the RS door pulls, surprised that no one makes them in Martini or Gulf livery. I've got watch straps in both, how hard can it be?
Picture finally came up for me. But yeah, maybe just take some NATO straps and make your own somehow haha.
Those plastic handles are prone to break. I think my father in law went through a couple of them during his 997 ownership.


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Didn’t 2010 come with worthwhile improvements?


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Didn’t 2010 come with worthwhile improvements?
The Carrera got the Phase 2 updates in 2009 MY, the Turbo, GT3 and GT2 got their updates in 2010 MY. For the Carrera it was the switch to direct injection and some suspension changes, plus new bumpers, mirrors and lighting. The 997.2 remains on my short list, but I've started to come around on the 991.1 too, mainly just for the larger back seat, but the overall 997 remains much more appealing to me.