Golf GTE Mk8 - Need help if you’ve got one?


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Hi - Basically I have my GTE Mk8 in the garage as we speak with a bit of an annoying engine rattle noise at low revs. The garage agree that there’s a noise and it doesn’t sound health. However they have now said it could be standard and that the noise could just be normal for this car. I don’t agree but I just want some closure…
They are handing me the car back tomorrow and saying they will have to wait for another Mk8 GTE to come in so they can test the noise etc. I am hoping for someone with this car to record themselves in the car and send to me on any message app so I can show VW that this noise is not common. I hope this makes sense and sorry for rambling on but if you have a Golf Mk8 please help me out if you can?


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I also have a Mk8 GTE. Your question got me thinking. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard my engine running. OK, I’ve heard the engine running on the move but I don’t think I’ve ever heard it while stationary and I have never heard it run with with the bonnet up. When on the move, I can’t hear if it has a rattle. The car always starts in EV mode and when I stop the engine it always turns off as soon as I come to a stop. Next time I’m on a journey in Hybrid mode and the engine fires up I will stop, get out, and have a listen.

Sorry that’s probably not much help.


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Noisy injectors is fairly common (and normal) on many VAG engines. Not all engines seem to have this characteristic, but with those that do, a ticking / tapping sound would be heard at idle speed. I doubt it would be that noticeable - if at all - once the car is moving.


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I too have a GTE mk8 21 plate.

Usually the car is charged and so rarely drive it in petrol mode.

However this afternoon when I jumped in the car hadn't been charged and so engine kicked in.

I too noticed a tapping type noise when car was stationary and standing still.

When accelerating the noise would stop.

Not sure if this is normal or not but the car is going to dealers for something else on Friday so will ask them to look into it.

Did you get the issue resolved on yours?


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With engine not being used not could all the oil have drained back to the sump and therefore the camshaft have little oil on them at startup.