Golf Mk8, here it is


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Not sure about this source...

I know there have been a few different pictures floating around (and even a video) other than those renderings that are about a year old now.
But these seem to be the most recent...


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Ya, and the video was the exact same car. I think this is most likely the MK8. I think it looks great. Especially the front.


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To be honest, I have my doubts seeing this. There are some weird artifacts in the photo that make it seem like it may be a render. Though I saw somewhere someone compared these images to a current gen Skoda and they were remarkably similar, especially the headlights.

It’s damn ugly if you ask me.


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Whats wrong with wagons?


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I really don't see why VW would be driving around in a production version of the Mk8 ahead of any major European car show...especially on a brand new body car. I still call shenanigans(or clickbait). I'm willing to bet when VW does finally does the actual will look nothing like the frumpy cars in these pics.


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check out the new 2019 VW polo. My guess is the golf will look very similar to that. In fact, the polo looks like a smaller version of this MK8 spy shot.


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Can anyone check that license plate to see what vehicle its registered to? I highly doubt they are driving around a production car with no camouflage pre-release. And if they were I doubt it would have a front plate