Golf R Mark 8 Spare wheel?


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I know the car does not have a spare. Are the tires run flats?
Does it come with anything if you have a flat?
Does it have a jack etc in the car



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The mk8 Golf doesn’t have run flat tyres. I don’t think you get a jack unless you specify the optional space saver spare when you order the car. You could always by a space saver spare and jack separately if the car you’re considering only has the tyre mobility kit.

This is from VW’s website on what the tyre mobility kit includes;

Tyre mobility set
This tyre repair kit lets the driver make temporary repairs to small punctures quickly and easily. It includes sealant and a 12-volt compressor to inflate the tyre. It also means you don't need a spare wheel - saving you weight in the car, helping lower fuel consumption and CO2 as well as giving you extra storage space.


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Hi, I raised the spare wheel issue on the forum a couple of weeks ago. I got my Style 150 in April - no spare wheel or jack included. The tyres are not run-flat types and I have the compressor/inflator plus the tin of tyre sealant as puncture repair kit. I'm trying to get hold of a space saver spare wheel, jack and wheelbrace - I feel better having these than having to rely on the sealant and probably a recovery truck when it doesn't work. As far as I can tell, my spare needs to be the 18 inch wheel with T 125/70 R18 tyre and at the moment I'm looking for the part number to ensure the offset is correct for the car, which has 225/45 R17 tyres on, standard ones from new. I'll post any info I find.


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You get option wheels then ? My July 2021 Golf 8 150 Style has 225/45 R17 on Michelin tyres and came with spare wheel and jack, the obv 17" wheel only just fits into spare wheel well in the boot. VW were offering OEM spare wheel & jack for £100, though an 18" rim may well cost more....