GTi phone cover

Massimo 2323

Go Kart Newbie
Hi there. Yes it can. If you remove the mat you can see the 3 holes for the screws that hold the cover in place. I actually ordered the parts from VW using a GTI Vin months ago only to find that I received a plain cover version.The part numbers are correct so I don't know why it came in a different style.
These are the part numbers and I paid around 50 Euro:
Cover: 5H2864571ZNX
Mat: 5H2863330B9B9
I am waiting for a response from VW parts but still no answer.
On the left is what it should look like and on the right the part I received. It fits perfectly but the one on the left is more premium, black with an aluminium lip.
the white and blue circles where the part is screwed from the inside out.
If you do decide to order the parts let me know if they send you the correct ones ;)