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Happy Holidays

As the sun sets on the eve of this years holidays, we remember those who are less fortunate than us living in dry areas. Remember to stock up this holiday season on snacks and drinks to avoid that 20 mph creep to the gas station, and for god's sakes remember it is better to pass first, then receive.

Happy Holidays from the Dude.


dirty pirate hooker
I was driving home last night on rt 22 and I was wondering why the highway was flooded with popo, til I realized the date lol

can't celebrate this year, I have a big exam I have to study for :frown:

happy holidays anywho :smoking:


got splashback?

maybe next year we will all be able to just go to the locale cafe and celebrate:thumbsup:

everybody got a flavor today?

*bubble wrap*


New member
Can't wait to spend 35 minutes in the McDonald's drive-thru tonight, because I WILL be going, no matter how much I tell myself right now that I won't...


New member
lol happy holidays to you too op, even thou you prob forgot by now that you made this thread hahaa... yup F the cops today. they have me feeling very paranoid right now :)

4.20 gtg tonight in north nj anyone?


Intergalactic smugness
His name is fucking Henry it says it on his head!

But seriously, some of the most intelligent people I know smoke weed on a day to day basis. My neighbor is a computer engineer major or some shit and is insanely skilled at CAD and he vapes daily in the dorm room.