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Does anyone know if you can buy and install the HK sound system in the Mk8 GTI. I bought one with the HK delete and I would like to add it. Also, if that is not an option does anyone have any good systems to improve the stock sound system?


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Don’t know if it’s possible. However, with supplier and semiconductor issues meaning a general shortage of HK parts / components for new car builds in the factory, I dare say priority will be given to HK factory installations (i.e. cars being built where owners specified HK when ordering their cars). Therefore, you could be in for a long wait in finding the parts to retro-fit the HK system in your car.


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HI there I am in the process of doing this retrofit and am just waiting to finish the job with coding.
it is really faffy to do the wiring!
other options are to just upgrade the speakers to Focals which are just plug and play
next option is still focals but an under seat sub
final option is the panasonic amp in the bootlining with the full HK system but the subwoofer is rubbish - lots of owners who ordered the HK system put that in the bin and upgraded it.
other words of caution - the HK system involves putting tweeters in the rear door cards - this is a real pig of a job if you want to use your existing ones as you have to cut apertures in the fabric cover that sits above the handle. You can't just buy a panel if you want the predrilled one - you have to go for the whole door card @£300 per pop!
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I change the sub to Fender one, and some polyfoam into it.
It generates about 2dB more bass. Clinically tested by my phone :D



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The difference of the H/K and fender is huge