has anyone changed the shift knob on the new GTI with a manual transmission?


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So the dealer let me look at the new GTI and it had a manual. I didnt like the new shift knob compared to my 2015 GTI or even the older ones.
Has anyone switched out the shift knob or have pics. Thanks


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I am ordering a weighted shift knob from Raceseng. In order for it to fit you would have to also order the 081202 adapter which is the VW/Audi NTA (none thread adapter). You can also add a shift collar boot NTA. Here is the link. Im ordering the Chicane. It only weights 0.90lb but its the heaviest one that has everything in stock for it. The Contour, Slammer and Hydro weight between 1.1-1.4lbs. I wanted the Contour. But even if you chose one of the 3 I just listed. and picked the texture material in different colors over the gloss colored ones. They all get very hot in the summer and the textured ones get as hot as the gloss ones. Then there is the Spereology shift knob. I love the look of it and it weights 1.06lbs. Its also a closeout and is 30%. When you build it the its full price but there a discount code listed which gives you 30% off. The problem is that the black cover that wraps around it is on backorder. And customer service doesnt have a time frame on when it will arrive. This shift knob is shaped a bit different from the other round shift knobs. So the other covers wont fit the Sphereology.


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I have the same question. Just picked up my mk8 last night and so far the only thing that irritates me is the shift knob. If anyone has any recommendations or pics of knobs they switched, please post!!