Has anyone managed to get the centre speaker clicking and subsequent issues resolved?


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Update fixed the issue. No clicks or sos messages since. Been to all the places it would occur and all ok.
Hi, was this a software update or a physical unit update / swap out of some sorts? I’m still having the issue after the latest software updates and also after turning the cars privacy mode to maximum, which I’ve heard eliminated the issue, albeit with caveats of have max privacy on.


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Software update only - Recall 91BU-W-OCU control unit update


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Mine had the ocu/sos module replaced after a failed software update by the dealer they have to attempt the software update first then order a replacement module if it doesn't work. It's been fine since I'm just waiting for the big software update for the infotainment unit from 1664 to 1810 that's imminent which will hopefully stop it from crashing and rebooting when it feels like it.