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Checking in from Boston here! I come from a long line of American muscle drivers (bought a Mustang at 17), but city life makes owning one a huge pain. I bought my '11 DSG Autobahn after someone totaled my '11 Mazda 3 in October. The Mazda was zippy and corners were a hell of a lot of fun, so I knew I wanted to increase that thrill with a turbo, but I didn't want a manual being in the city... living on a steep hill... with winter coming.

This is my first VW and my first turbo. It's not in bad shape, but the previous owner didn't take great care of the exterior and I didn't get a chance to do anything beyond a wash/wax before the cold set in. So far I've replaced the window tint and picked up some plaid resin seat lever inserts, 'cause hey, there has to be plaid somewhere on this thing, right?
Welcome. :) Any plans for it yet?


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Hi ev'rybody, Bay Area guy, first post, first VW, a 2011 GTI Autobahn (2dr CSG DSG) in great shape, low miles, obviously very well-loved by the original owner, and now well-loved once again by me. It was exactly what I was looking for and then some; I can't imagine being any happier. So much fun yet still so practical. Here she is in all of her current glory:

All of my plans are of the tasteful/subtle variety, the original owner had already done a number of things that I would have done -- Borla catback, front lip spoiler, Euro cupholder & cubbie, Edition 35 e-brake handle, silver glove box handle, seat lift inserts -- and in the time I've had it I've managed to add OEM R side skirts, the bottle opener for the cupholder, classed up the license plate frames and installed red deAutoKey footwell LED's.

Next up is a full 5-window tint (30%), DG springs, OEM LED Tails and a nice powered sub to round out the Dynaudio. Beyond that, maybe a badge-mount backup cam and a set of Charlestons (although the Detroits are growing on me).

I look forward to learning a lot from everyone and helping wherever I can, this place was invaluable in helping me figure out exactly what I wanted. Thanks!

P.S. - KESSY = :wub:


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Hello everyone!
I've been reading the forum for a while but only now registered.

About 2 months ago i went from BMW E92 325i to this MK6 GTI.
This far i've had a couple issues like atm thermostat started leaking a little. Might be because 2 weeks of -30C weather here in Finland and i dont have a carage :( Glad the dealer arranged it and i'm going to service next monday.

Otherwise i am enjoying the car ALOT! Last owner tuned it with stage1 and put some awesome looking 18" rimms :) also he kept the paint perfectly nice. Cant wait for summer to come and bring the grip between tire and the road :D

Sorry if my english sucks, but thats all i got :p


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Greeting from NW Connecticut (a mile from Lime Rock Park) New Owner and Poster. Not a youngster, Ex-Motorcycle Racer (Triumph) ex NYC cabbie, 1973-1976.

We purchased our GTI 2 weeks ago ! (Black, 2014 Driver's Edition, 13k miles, previously a VW Finance company car from Ohio). The family had been in need to replace the Honda Fit Sport for awhile ( yes, laugh if you like..not very "sport"y, great sound system, tho..and when revved above 4500, kicked a bit of butt..."little engine that could" etc) . I had owned an '84 Scirocco back in the 80's ( and then a 95' Volvo 850 TurboWagon Ripper), when I met my wife (Rocco the Scirocco). We gassed all over the place in that little buzzbomb. So there its some sentimentality at work here, and a VW history, for us. We wanted some "pep". Another Turbo. Thus, the GTI.

Anyway, we are very, very pleased with the GTI. It will be our road car and playtoy. The fit and finish are WAY better than we imagined. Quite hi class. Electronics superb, NAV is a joke, tho. That Motor ! Youza. and the DSG. Unreal. Paddle shifters etc...Waaaah ! We'll keep it stock. All the power we need, as is. Hoping for good reliability. Proven design, right ? Right. (I think I'm going to need a radar detector, tho ! Any thoughts on That, y'all ?)

The dealer s-cked, I must say (no names). Didn't budge on price and lo-balled me on the Fit trade-in. I wanted the car. Wife need AT and 4 doors. I brought it home and looked a little closer at things. Hmmmm. Under the plastic engine cover, acorn shells ! Oil, which I asked them to change (they said it wasn't needed) BLACK as pitch..I did a home service immediately with the correct synthetic 5-40 and filter, air filter etc. It is "certified, for what that's worth.

I am So Happy to own this car. My soon to be 16 year old is happy too. Wife likes it lots. So, That's about it. Happy to have found this site. Forward !
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Hi thought i would introduce myself I've just got myself a 62 plate GT TDI 140. I live just outside Norwich in Norfolk and work at Car Shop selling cars..

I stumbled upon my car at work as I've mainly owned BMWs but this GT140 with a DSG box full leather in dark grey turned up with only 50k on the clock and with my discount got a complete bargain and HAD to have it...

Got a few things planned for it but i guess I'll save them for another thread.


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First VW For Me

Hey all,

Name is Jordan, I'm 26, one of the few females from what I've seen so far, and I just got into my first Volkswagen and GTI. First off, not let down at all!

I purchased a 5 door 2011 GTI Autobahn, CSG with the 6 speed manual. I read up all about the DSG, but I'm a standard tranny girl all the way. That is, at least since I learned how to drive one. :thumbup: (The day I got it below)

Prior to the GTI I have owned 2 Acura Integras (first car was a red automatic, the 4th car I owned was a blue standard tranny), A 1996 Jeep Cherokee, and two different Jeep Wranglers ('93 Base automatic, '99 Sahara manual). Now, due to an accident, I am on my GTI and could not be happier to own it.

Getting into VW was my mom's idea. My sister has a '98 Beatle; growing up my parents had a '70's Bug and a 90's Passat. My mom and uncle had an '84 GTI and loved it, so I took the idea and began my search.

The wishlist is short, but I've always been about the stock cars and lifted Jeeps.
  • New Detroit Rims or other OEM VW Rims (mine are scuffed)
  • Stage 1 Tuning
  • Air Intake System (COBB was recommended from a co-worker)
  • Maybe aftermarket stereo that works better with my phone than the stock Navigation system
  • Offset License Plate Mount
  • LED Taillights and maybe upgrade the Xenon headlights
  • Possible fog light upgrade

It's great to meet you all and hoping to meet some GTI/Golf/R owners close to me (Colorado).
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Hi, my name is Aundrea. I'm a 29 year old female from CA. Distinct, sleek looks, german performance engineering, reliability and character got me into VWs. My last two cars I purchased were VWs (Jetta and GTI).
I currently drive a 2013 6 speed manual transmission Candy White VW GTI with Detroit Wheels, Front and rear Dectane lights + OEM front and rear lights, Tinted windows, Stage 1 APR Carbonio intake + OEM intake, Stage 1 APR reflash with 4 interchangeable settings (Stock + 91 OCT + 93 OCT + 100 OCT) and Dark side markers. Happy to be here.


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Hello all. UK expat based in Dubai. This is my second Golf and currently have a 2011 GTi. Have changed the intake to a K&N Typhoon intake and am looking at a stage 1 and downpipe in the coming month or so.


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Hello newbie here. I am not showing off my car yet because of still in planning stage and saving cash. Mingle around this forum to get some idea and knowledge before making final decision


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Hey all, new to the forum. My current set up is tornado red mk6 gti: CTS turbo back (cat removed), fk coil overs, ecs heavy duty strut mounts, Cai, ecs flush spacers, Unitronic stage 2 tune, stage 3 south bend clutch, R8 coil packs. Happy to be here to gain more knowledge

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Hi everyone, Pete here (hope I'm not the first new member in 2 months :)) Mine is Golf Mk6, thinking of buying a car for my parents so that's the first reason I'm here. Have a good day!