I found 100 bucks on the floor in casino


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Here's a plausible what if... That was the dudes taxi money because he planned on getting tanked at the casino. But since he lost it, he decided "meh I'm not that drunk, I can still drive" drives off and boom destroys a vw dealership filled wih newly imported scirocco's that vw planned on releasing into the us. Now we'll never get to buy any sciroccos and it's all your fault...thanks OP


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OP, horrible amounts of karma are coming your way. Better be smart and save yourself and send the $100 bill to me as quickly as possible. I'm saving for a Mishimoto radiator... $100 would cover the remainder of what I need.

No, seriously, have you seen Paranormal Activity? The karma will be like that, only worse. I'll PM you my address... :thumbsup:


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LOL, I dont believe in any of that Karma, God, Buddah, superstition stuff. I could live on the 13th floor 13th suite and not think twice.


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My opinion? Since you saw who dropped it and still took it that you are way in the wrong on that one. Now if you didn't see who dropped it..well that is a different story imo

^ This

LOL, I dont believe in any of that Karma, God, Buddah, superstition stuff. I could live on the 13th floor 13th suite and not think twice.

then explain why your first few posts were all about "do i have bad karma coming my way?"


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For those who say they would have given it back, I dont believe you. Have you ever stumbled upon a 100 dollar bill? Do you know it feels? Its a very cool rush. I want to feel it every day ever hour.


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ive actually stumbled upon 400$ in a bank envelope in the lobby of a hotel. Gave it to the the hotel lobby people, and then someone ended up claiming it.

You sir are a scumbag.


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I agree with everyone that since you saw who dropped it, you should have returned it. if he was carrying around 100's, there's certainly a chance he wouldve tipped you for giving it back, if not given you the full 100.

if you had NOT seen who dropped it, it's fair game to grab and run. I would have done the same had that been the situation.

In all honesty though, to reverse the karma, I'd implore you to donate the money to a cause that you genuinely believe in (make a wish foundation, toys for tots, etc.). If you put money into a good cause that otherwise would have just perpetuated further gambling and bad habits, you sir, are a good person.


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OP, What if it were you in his shoes .......?


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I've given it some thought now.

Breaks down to this, in whorehouse or casino keep the money. Elsewhere I give back. No guilt trip, I am not on the Sally Rafael show here.

You can't pick and choose when and where to use your morals, they apply no matter where you are.

"I'm not a thief, but just this once I don't think stealing would be that big of a deal."