I found 100 bucks on the floor in casino


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Return to life thread from 10 years ago! 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️

I found $100 on the floor at work once, I turned it in to the security desk.
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A guy was walking quickly to the Blackjack table. He reaches for his pocket to get cash and a 100 bill falls out. He is already seated at the table. I saw the whole thing grabbed the 100 and walked out fast.

If you were me would you have returned the money or keep?

I figure this is a casino not a church so it ok right? i dont have bad karma coming do I ? Should I blow it on 100 bucks lottery tickets?
I would have returned.
Not much different than stealing since you knew who it belonged to. God is always with you so do the right thing.
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Never found more than a twenty but I've always turned it in because my conscience would bother me too much.


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I would’ve returned it. I believe in karma and I think all of us here do. The power of doing good so it comes back to u is super universal. Even though we can all disagree on religion and god and etc I think we can all believe in karma


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I think you should go back and give it to the guy.

Wait....This was 10 years ago


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I recently discovered we actually have zombie emojis.

So now any thread can be brought back to life through the dark powers of necromancy.