I found 100 bucks on the floor in casino

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Hahaha, nice idea with zombie emojis. Well, as the thread is brought back to life, I'd like to say that if I'd found 100 dollars and knew who it belonged to, I would have returned them. Otherwise, what I've found is mine. :) I love money because they really can buy you happiness in the form of food, travels and so on. Since the lockdown started, and I have lost my job, I tried different online ways to gain money and as not so sure as it seems the most profitable was online that I have tried along with my friends. All I can say is that I wasn't fond of gambling games but the situation made me change my mind :)


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Ah, dude was a shithead. If you watched the guy drop it, watched where he sat down and STILL didn’t return the money, you deserve to shit yourself in public. I mean, you don’t need to fall off a cliff or anything, but a proper unplanned shit-yourself is deserved. Sometimes it’s really easy to be a nice person lol.


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Wow, I still can't believe you are complaining about something that happened eleven years ago. Regarding the issue, I would return the money even though the man will still lose the money in the casino. The thing is that id love to take the money, but when I try to put myself in his shoes, I know I'll be in pain if I check my pocket and see that I'm 100 dollars short. But nowadays, I no longer revisit casinos; even though I don't plan to stop gambling entirely, I'll continue placing little bets online. Cuz I read an article on that explained what I wanted to hear concerning moving to an online casino. But finding lost money on the floor is very nice; the feeling is unexplainable tbh.
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A guy was walking quickly to the Blackjack table. He reaches for his pocket to get cash and a 100 bill falls out. He is already seated at the table. I saw the whole thing grabbed the 100 and walked out fast.

If you were me would you have returned the money or keep?

I figure this is a casino not a church so it ok right? i dont have bad karma coming do I ? Should I blow it on 100 bucks lottery tickets?
That's not cool, location doesn't matter, you should donate the money you stole to a charity.