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completely unrelated to anything vw or car related for that matter.
im in germany now and i am about to experience 5 days of pretty much straight drinking. Despite how serious germans are for 360 days of the year, something about this week makes them crazy.

karneval is a religious holiday that celebrates the period before lent (i believe) that manages to get the whole city drinking and wearing crazy (somewhat stupid) customes.

most germans i have spoken with dont like the holiday because it completely loud and annoying the whole 5 days from thursday (altweiber) 23rd of february to 27th (rosenmontag) monday.

europes biggest karneval is in Köln (the city im in:headbang: )
if i get a response to this post maybe i can follow up with some pictures
ill be the ninja amongst all of the clowns:thumbup:


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Hahaha! Make sure you post some pictures of the ninja suit.


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HAHAHAHA! Was bin ich froh, dass es das hier in Schottland nicht gibt!

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Believe me, being a German doesn't mean to be serious 360 days per year! :tongue: The Scots that I've met so far here in Glasgow are far more serious than 99 % of Germans that I left behind, and the English seem to be the most serious persons that I've ever met ... something that really surprises me :iono:

U wanna have real phun? Go to the Oktoberfest ... :drinking: and :barf: and a lot of phunny drunk Americans, Aussies, Italiens ... that's really fun! :thumbsup: