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I have about a 3-year-old Toshiba laptop with a dual-core 2.2 MHz T3400 dual-core Intel processor. I know it runs on the hot side. Recently it felt hotter than usual. I downloaded RealTemp 3.70. It was reading almost 100* C. The fan is operating OK. I took my shop vac and blew air through the fan on the bottom, then vacuumed the vent the on the side. It now runs at about 80* so I guess I had a lot of dust buildup on the processor. Luckily, I didn't damage the fan.

My question is this - do the newer laptops, like this Toshiba Ultrabook on Wal-mart's, website that costs $548, with a dual-core i3 processor, run cooler?


It really doesn't matter how new or cool a laptop will run initially. Dust build up will affect the thermal conductivity of your laptops heatsink. If you're feeling brave, open it up and give it a good cleaning,

A heatsink is essentially a copper block that conducts the heat way from the processor and into the air flowing through the laptop. A layer of dust will act as an insulator.

That said a newer laptop will run cooler but if your current one is fine, give it a thorough cleaning and save yourself some money.
Thermal paste usually last 5yrs. I'd try and just blow it out... Then again, thermal paste is only a couple bucks

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Yeah, I'm not that brave on laptops. As you know, you need to pull the keyboard to access crap.


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I took my MacBook to Afghanland ( A counry made out of 100% pure dirt) and brought it back opened it up and i could have made a replica counry with the dirt i brought back. I got some air duster spray and sprayed everything out cleaned all the fans and vents now it runs cooler then ice. open your shit up and clean it. GO LOOK UP A DIY ON CLEANING YOUR LAPTOP. I know they have toshiba forums out there.

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Go ahead and take the computer apart. If you work on your car you'll be astonished how easy it is. Just make a paper map of where all the screws go so you can put it back together easily.