LED PLUS lights and Auto high beam on golf 8 hatch R Line.


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It would appear that despite my asking a straight question of a local VW dealer, they seem intent on not really bothering to answer my question, so here it is. Do you get as standard equipment on a Golf 8 R-Line Diesel 150 DSG the LED Plus headlights with Auto High Beam. I looked on a brochure, BUT it's a brand new brochure and at the time my car was built there would have been a different brochure with different spec.

I do a lot of night driving and have vague recollections of the dipped beam not being so good. I am also told that you can BUY the auto high beam in the vw app we connect store thingy, but haven't yet seen it.

Any comments /help appreciated please.... :cool:



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Hi Mark

as far as I'm aware the Led Plus comes as standard on the Style model but not the R line (makes no sense) they are a £875 option I have the MK8 Life ( wished id gone for the R-Line) and you can purchase the high beam assist from the store @ £168 its slightly cheaper as a factory option @ £145