Let's see your PC's


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Your computer looks like hentai tentacle porn.
I was going for the Diva from Fifth Element but hey that's also not far off!


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Mine idles at 15c, which I thought was kind of high. I guess most of it has to do with your ambient though.
Yeah your room must be pretty chilly then :) My room is 21-22C ambient.


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So I'm rocking a poverty gtx970 since 2015 and I'm pretty sure it had been out for a while when I purchased it. Anyone looking to sell their GPU? Looking for an AMD card that can support 1440p would be ideal.


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micro-itx gang


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Forgot about this thread. Recently (not really, sometime last year haha) updated my hardware to offset some taxes from freelance income. I updated most of the workstation early in the year and then added the GPU and monitors later on.

Parts list
2023-05-10 09_58_27-Window.jpg

2x Nvidia GTX Titan X (Pascal version)

Titan X versus 4080 size comparison

Glad everything fit in my Fractal Design R4 case because I love its simplicity. I did order the special cable from Corsair to have a single cable direct from the PSU to the GPU with no adapters and to help save on overall GPU width.

Passmark score

More importantly for my work, V-Ray rendering benchmark scores from various setups I've run. My render times have been cut in half in most cases, and depending on the project, sometimes up to 75%.

I have Cyberpunk 2077 installed, but just haven't had time to play it yet :ROFLMAO:


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Not sure why it took me forever to post in here, but I'm a bit of a nerd and just got some new goodies so I thought I'd share. Ignore the mess(es) and some stuff hidden because reasons. My old setup was 6 displays + the TV for couch gaming, but now I've admitted I have a problem and so I've downsized quite a bit. Just got the 34" ultrawide 1440p165hz monitor as a main/for games, I really like it so far aside from having to reduce my settings in some games -- 1080p was great in that regard. The photo is partially complete, now I'm using two 22" 1080p60hz monitors in portrait on either side of the 34", and a 29" 1080p75hz UW above because the mount was already screwed to the wall.

PC specs:
some Thermaltake case
cheap RGB fans eeeeeeeverywhere (my first RGB build, don't judge me)
AMD 3700X (stock clocks), Hyper 212 Black
XFX 5700XT Thicc III (bought purely for the name, it's hilarious)
32gb 3000mhz RAM
1TB NVMe SSD for OS/Applications
2TB NVMe SSD for Games
2x500gb SATA SSDs for Games/Temporary storage
4TB HDD for Games/VM testing
8TB HDD for OneDrive/Large file storage
750w 80+ Gold PSU (I forget the model/brand, IIRC it's an EVGA but I could be wrong)

Keyboard and mouse are both new, keyboard is some sub-$30 Inland mechanical keyboard with MX Red clones and Hyper-X Pudding PBT keycaps, currently feeling it out but may take it to work and get something else with N-key rollover. Mouse is a Glorious Model D- Wireless, coming from a G305 it's a nice upgrade, and a bit more comfortable than my G502/G604/G203 were. I have a couple mechanical keyboards but use different ones for different things, and haven't found my gaming endgame yet.

I play a lot of CSGO and shooters in general, racing games are fun as well and I will from time to time play adventure games and action RPGs like Horizon Zero Dawn. Coming from my old VG248QE the new UW 165hz display is nuts, the curved thing took a bit to get used to but I've definitely noticed an improvement in my competitive play.

Not pictured but we have a couple more technically interesting things going on at home, notably an R410 on ESXi 7 that hosts a couple Server 2019 VMs, particularly our AD DC/DHCP/DNS and a couple test environments, as well as a Minecraft server. Adblocking is provided via a Pi2 after our Pi Zero W bit the dust. Then another T130 runs more infrastructure including our Plex server, while media is hosted on yet another PC running OpenMediaVault with a 32TB RAID5 array that backs up key files to a PC in our living room that doubles as couch gaming upstairs, albeit in dire need of upgrades because IIRC it's a GTX 960 and Skylake i5. Great for emulation of older games though, and simple games.
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