Light bar on Golf Mk8 style 2.0 TDI

Massimo 2323

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Yes the power folding mirrors and light bar was introduced with the My21 models…
In particular the light bar was installed on the Golf 8 from 1 september 2020.


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I printed a brochure from VW UK dated 24-10-2020, (annoyingly can't get it to add or attach) and the Style features mention the LED light strip, exactly as in the pic above, you only really see it along with main lites, when lit as it it isn't immediately obvious otherwise....
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Massimo 2323

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I found this Brochure VW Ireland dated 01/09/2020 and the light bar is mentioned.
Also have the 06-2020 brochure and no mention of the light bar...
01-09-2020-VW Ireland.png