Loaded question..What does your screen name mean?


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My cat's name was Fordie named after a Ford pickup truck. But I really liked David Bowie. I thought Al Gore invented the internet. Learn something new everyday. Which proves you can teach a very old dog new tricks. 😂
A Brit called Sir Tim Berners Lee invented the www.

& my user name..the car I have & my first name shortened...(David)…


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Mine was a fifth or sixth attempt to get an AIM screen name that didn't end in 11 numbers. I was very into punk music and had the hair to show it (that's where the spike part came from), which would be embarrassing except it meant that I actually had hair! Turned into a gamer tag once online gaming was a thing and now I just stick with it as my online alter ego.

I'm far from the oldest guy on here, but man does this post make me feel old. That was over 20 years ago and I'm still using the same screen name...


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Rafiki was my nickname in football, and I wore #76


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Means I'm an unoriginal dumbass that created this account when I was stationed in San Diego

Nowadays I go by V0latyle, because of an unhealthy affinity for fire and explosions...My Mk6 fortunately has avoided such a fate, although I did manage to explode a clutch once.