Losing data connection


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That’s very disappointing. I can understand the dealer needs to get the ok from VW to apply an update (the dealer will have to be paid for the car to be hooked up for 4 or 5 hours), But it’s a pity they didn’t press your case with VW HQ. Hopefully your call to customer services will do the trick. Software version 1668 seems to be much more stable.


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I have the same situation. On my 2nd Golf 8, which has the same issue as the first (which was replaced). Just been in the dealer for the 2nd time for 2 weeks, various software updates, a new SOS system etc and still the issue exists. But still on software 1664. It is so frustrating as I reckon 1668 will solve the issue, but will they install it - No. And whilst I had an agreement with the dealer that the car could be rejected, they have now changed their decision as the head of sales and after sales have moved on. All I want is for them to put all the latest software on the car, and replace any control units which need replacing. At the moment they are saying they don't believe there is an issue and I either have to let a technician ride in the car with me (illegal and dangerous for both of us during covid), or prove it some other way. I think I will go direct to VW and see if I can get the dealer to be a bit more helpful.


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The VW Customer Service agent called me today. He says the software release 1668 is not applicable to my car and I am on the latest release for my car. Mind you I told him in error that I was on 1666 when I am on 1664 which wasn't queried so I'm not sure how much checking was done.

On the issue of losing data connection he gave me the phone number of the Digital Services support based in Athens. I rang them. The guy there told me that unfortunately with wireless connectivity there will always be occasional issues. He said just as wireless routers tend to need rebooting on occasion the same applied for their data server in the car. I'm not sure but I think he implied that there is an automatic reboot now and then which may explain why it fixes itself after a period.

He's sent me a troubleshooting checklist which should enable me to reset the server myself. However it does involve deleting the primary user and resetting the infotainment centre. It's not clear to me that after following the full process all my settings and favourites will be restored. I'll try it if I lose connection again.

He did say that the issue should be a very infrequent event but if it is happening regularly then I should call back and they'll open a ticket to look at my problem.

Here is the troubleshooting list sent to me.

  • Delete your account from the infotainment system (Menu-Users-Settings-Delete Users).
  • Delete the vehicle from the We connect account in the We Connect website.
  • Perform a factory reset from the infotainment system (Menu-Settings-Factory Settings- Reset Settings to factory settings- Confirm the reset).
  • Exit the vehicle and leave it fully locked with the engine and the infotainment system off for 5-10 mins.
  • Turn the ignition on.
  • Login to your account in the infotainment system after having the vehicle readded in the website and try to become the Main User.

If the above steps did not resolve the issue, please be so kind to follow the last steps below:
  • Set privacy mode to maximum for about 10-20 sec. : Go to Menu-Users-Settings (bottom right side)-Privacy Settings & Services- Select the first option (Full privacy) and have it in this state for 10-20 seconds.
  • Then Select the last option (Share my location / position).
  • Exit the vehicle and leave it fully locked for at least 10 minutes.
  • The online services will be available again at the next start.